The Current Marijuana Laws in the US

It is clear that we have been receiving some concerns all over the world that weed has tampered with the lives of the people and have led to the misdirection of the society, and its sale and consumption has been monitored over the years. The plant and other extracts have been declared narcotic and therefore if you are caught using it, you might face the tough side of the law. Surprisingly enough, you notice that times have changed and it is clear that in the USA, many of these stringent rules have been chopped off, and now cannabis and other products are legalized and can, therefore, be consumed. However, since these states are under different management and leadership, the laws differ and so when you visit them, you should live by the standing orders. You can take a close look at the various states so that you can know the one with friendlier laws so that you can decide where to visit at a given moment. Therefore I will highlight some rules and regulations about cannabis in the various states in America.

To begin with, let us assess Alaska, and you notice that back in 2015, weed was allowed in the state, but there were some conditions in its usage, whereby, you are allowed to consume it but not to sell to the other people. Again, one must be twenty-one years of age for you to smoke marijuana while at Alaska and so you must follow those directives if you want to be on the safe side. Since the time weed was legalized in Alaska, the state has made tremendous developments that have impacted on the country at large.

California is the other state where weed is allowed, and it was among the first ones to allow this, but the laws are not straight because decisions are made on the ground. The content of weed smoked should not exceed eight grams to avoid having extremely effective repercussions and therefore this has maintained a healthy society in the state. You are only allowed to grow only six plants per home.

You are advised to understand that the marijuana laws in the US start with great stiffness, but according to Colorado, it is evident that they loosen with time. These days, weed trade is flourishing in Colorado.

Finally, in a state like Maine, things are still tight but they are expected to loosen like those in Massachusetts where you can freely carry marijuana, and one is allowed to plant a maximum of twelve of them. The weed rules and regulations are friendly to all because you can consume and sell.

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